Intentional Well-Being

At the Intentional Well-Being Conference, you'll find a space that is welcoming for people from all communities – especially those who are commonly excluded in these spaces. With that in mind, we hope you will see that both our organizing team and our presenters have come together from diverse communities to create a truly special intersection of Well-Being professionals.

The Conference is happening on October 22, 2023 at the Hamilton Convention Centre. Included in the day will be 14 scheduled sessions, vendors and a Well-Being Garden where you can sample offerings from our presenters. We will also have a beautiful quiet space so you can take a break, and weather permitting a fun outdoor selfie spot!

We can’t wait co-create a beautiful and exciting day of community and well-being with you!

Schedule of Events

The schedule below is subject to change as the event draws closer. Please refer back to organize your day.

Your Presenters

Dianne Bondy

Author, Speaker, activist 

Dianne Bondy is a social justice activist, author, accessible yoga teacher, and leader of the Yoga For All movement.

Her inclusive approach to yoga empowers anyone to practice—regardless of their shape, size, ethnicity, or level of ability.

Cara-Lea Suttie

200 HR YTT, Yoga for All Training Certified

Creative. Intelligent. Fierce. Compassionate. Strong.

From a young age, Cara-Lea worked to find balance in her life: fighting against assumptions and attitudes that, at times, left her struggling to make any progress. Accepting and loving herself has been a challenge; one that’s been made more difficult as she has observed others struggle to be accepted by society.

Cara-Lea's passion for equality drives her call to service; she leads her classes as both instructor and as a living  example of what’s possible. Her message is simple: Yoga is for EVERY body. 

Shawn Moore

Sound Healer

Over the years, Shawn has integrated meditation and mindfulness as a tool for his own creative resilience, personal power, and healing. He shares these nurturing tools with his community in a host of ways. 

He is a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT-200), sound practitioner, meditation teacher, Yoga Nidra Teacher, reiki practitioner, and Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach, with trainings in Mindful Communication and Brand Identity.

Selam Debs

Anti-Racism Advocate, Speaker

Selam is a Black Ethiopian queer antiracism educator, an anti-oppression coach, a social justice advocate, a student in dismantling anti-Black racism, an accomplice in dismantling anti-Indigenous racism, xenophobia, Islamophobia and an advocate in Intersectional and 2SLGBTQ+ rights.

Jacquie "Sunny" Barbee

Accessible Yoga Teacher

Jacquie finished  YTT in 2016 after turning to an asana practice to help with her chronic illness and depression. 

While in YTT she realized there was a need for more teachers that didn’t fit the stereotypical “yoga body” image and that she could make a difference in helping people see that yoga is for every body. 

Sunny teaches others how to customize their practice to fit their own body, whether that body is larger, aging, or living with illness or injury, much like she does with her own practice.  


Neosoul Artist/Yoga teacher

LA based singer, Dorian won LA yoga studios over with Dorian's Live Neosoul & Yoga – a fusion of his original, conscious, live, feel good neosoul music you can groove to with yoga flows to create a concert-style yoga experience complete with freestyle dance breaks and unplugged segments where he speaks about the inspiration behind his songs.  

LA YOGA MAGAZINE Editor, Felicia Tomasko writes: "Throughout Los Angeles, there are creative artists who are bringing their yoga practice to life in innovative ways. Neosoul Artist Dorian is one of those people. Through his frequent collaborations with teachers, and his music (self-help set to song), he offers inspiration in all of his work."  His fan’s favorite songs from his live music and yoga events are curated on Dorian’s Live Neosoul & Yoga: The Official Playlist, Volume 1.

A smiling attractive black woman with long braids and a white shirt

Tai Salih

E-RYT® 500, YACEP®

Tai Salih came to Canada as a refugee in her youth. Today she is the Founder of the Red Ma'at Collective and is currently working towards her designation in Psychotherapy.

Her dedicated passion to heal through her own traumas has guided her desire to do more for and within the community. Tai's approach encompasses a compassionate and intersectional lens that is geared towards uplifting and empowering BI&WoC/gender-expansive folx.

Tai is an intersectional feminist, who believes in uplift and empowering women/gender-expansive folx through intersectional wellness, therapeutic yoga, and education on trauma healing to build resiliency and autonomy.

Catherine Hamilton

Yoga Teacher and DJ

Catherine is a karma yogi based in Burlington, Vermont.  Her energizing and uplifting flow sequences build core strength, stability, and greater flexibility. Catherine’s classes create healthy, joyful experiences and a blissful balance between effort and ease. She encourages students to show up exactly as they are, modify everything and use props whenever possible.  Catherine uses creative themes and “mudras” or “hand yoga” coupled with pranayama to promote healing and transformation. Brand new beginners to yoga are always welcome at Catherine’s classes!

Woman dressed in black. Sitting in a chair with a leg raised and a band around her foot
Side profile of a man standing in nature

Thai James

Yoga Teacher and Musician

Thai James is a 500-hr certified international yoga teacher based in Brooklyn, New York. Thai teaches with Brooklyn Flow and Brooklyn Yoga Project, but also is an accomplished musician and classically trained cellist. He regularly performs in and around New York City with The SymophoNYChorus.

Thai is an infectious ball of light that hopes to inspire and champion joy, wherever he goes. He strives to provide empowering classes of mindful movement hoping to curate a practice of abundance and self exploration. In addition to his passion for alignment and engagement, Thai encourages students to weave in elements of playfulness and curiosity, truly making the experience their own on the mat.

Christine Quaglia

Disability advocate, author

Christine Quaglia is a full-time social worker and a part-time writer. She loves to write about what affects all of our lives. Thoughts we have, questions we raise and the ways in which we can grow and, hopefully, come to know, and, to become better, so we can then do better.

Christine has done a TedX talk on language and the perception of disability as well as written about her own personal experience of being born with a congenital neuromuscular disorder that requires her to use a wheelchair and receive various forms of assistance. 

Woman in a wheelchair sitting at a desk.
Fit Black woman with short hair and a tank top

Marlice Simon

Yoga Teacher and Musician

Marlice Simon is a Certified Fitness Instructor and the founder of TheMarliceTrain Health and Wellness
coaching hub that focuses on the holistic health and well-being of women through fitness and
She has dedicated her life to empowering young women and young girls to be leaders and stand tall in their purpose with authenticity. She has worked tirelessly as a youth ambassador in her home country of Guyana, South America, and the Caribbean advocating for the rights of girls and young women of colour. As a mother, she has continued and expanded her work here in North America, specifically Canada, by teaching women of colour how to embrace their bodies and ensuring women, especially mothers, live a balanced, healthy lifestyle.
Marlice believes women, especially women of colour, hold the absolute power to effect change and shake up the status quo, especially if they are healthy, well and empowered and given the space for their voices to be heard.


Fitness professional and social justice advocate

Stiva is a seasoned and highly successful fitness professional who uses his life and platforms to help elevate others and make them stronger. He was named FIS Top 3 in 2017 and Top 5 in 2016. His life purpose is to leave a legacy of positivity in the world through body movement. Moving bodies in an inclusive way, while raising the social conscious of the world around him he wears the badge of being a fitness social justice warrior with honor and pride. Stiva is a recognized leader in the fitness community, leading the charge in many charitable initiatives and being a brand ambassador for several companies.

Smiling black man in a white collared shirt

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